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From Isolation To Connection

Christians around the world are finding creative ways to stay engaged in the Word while practicing social distance or even in some locations shelter-in-place. This is an ideal time for you, your church, or your small group to consider Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience.

Get Started

Start with Messiah, which takes the reader on a unique journey through every book of the New Testament. This flexible 8 (or 16) week reading plan allows each participant to read or listen to sections of Scripture then gather weekly to discuss 4 open ended questions like: “How might this change the way we live?”

Pastors and Small Group Leaders can lead Immerse from home by

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Hosting weekly Facebook or YouTube live events

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Encouraging small groups to participate and connect online using Zoom or Skype

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Sharing guides so families can host family Bible conversations

Individuals can join in to Immerse from home by

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Inviting a few friends or neighbors to read and connect in home or on-line to discuss

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Urging your pastor or small group leader to consider this program

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If you’re looking to get started right away, the e-book version of Immerse: Messiah is available now from your favorite e-tailer.

Free Resources

Use the links below to download helpful resources, including recommended reading plans, leader guides, and discussion questions. Podcasts for each reading plan are also available via Google Play and iTunes. These are free to use and share, whether or not you’re using the Immerse Bible.

Watch stories of churches who have experienced Immerse firsthand

Chapel Springs Church

Bethesda Community Church

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